Your Complete Guide to IT Courses in 2019-2020

Let’s talk Tech!

We’ve curated a list of over 30 IT courses, online and in-person, sorted in areas of study to help you take your IT learning to new levels or to refresh your existing knowledge. For more information, or to register for any of these courses, click the links at the end of each listing.



Machine Learning with AWS – Ottawa, ON or Online (Learning Tree). Nov 20-21. Learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning services available on AWS. $2,225.

Masters of Management in Artificial Intelligence – Toronto, ON (Queens University). Explore technical, management and problem-solving content, and apply AI solutions to real business cases. $59,900.

Artificial Intelligence Implementation Boot Camp – Online (Global Knowledge). Nov 8. Become equipped with a broad range of management tools to incorporate machine intelligence into your own business strategy. $1,945.



Agile Project Management – Toronto, ON (Global Knowledge). Nov 12-14. / Ottawa, ON. Dec 9-11. Gain a deeper understanding of the agile process and extensive opportunities to practice implementing agile best practices throughout a project’s life cycle. $2,295.

Facilitating the Agile Culture Change – Online (Global Knowledge). Nov 19-21. explore concepts and strategies to apply Agile to organizational structure, leadership, jobs, roles and careers, empowering the workforce and the role of HR in the transformation of a culture that values agility. $2,291.

The Agile Business Analyst – Toronto, ON (Learning Tree). Dec 18-30. / Ottawa, ON. Jan 22-24, 2020. understand how to operate in an Agile environment so that you are better equipped to deliver value to your organization. $1,895.

Agile for Development and Operations Teams – Online (Global Knowledge). Dec 19-20. Learn how to apply Agile principles in a way that will allow you to consistently incorporate feedback and adapt quickly. $1,795.



Certificate in Cloud Computing – Online (York University). Jan 20-Jul 19, 2020. Understand the various cloud service models and the associated business risks and implications.

Evaluate and Select the Right Cloud Provider – Online (Global Knowledge). Determine which cloud-based solutions best meet the needs of your organization. $940.

Online Cloud Security Vulnerability Management – Online (Learning Tree). Learn about system cyberattacks, network penetration testing and ethical Wi-Fi network hacking. $4,290.

Cloud Governance – Online (LinkedIn Learning). Fundamentals of cloud governance and its relation to security. Available through the LinkedIn Learning membership ($34.99 / month).

Cloud Computing Certification Training – Online (Global Knowledge). Global Knowledge works with AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, EMC, and vendor-neutral certification bodies.



Experience Mapping – Toronto, ON (Akendi Toronto). Nov 11. Explore the end-to-end experience lifecycle including product introduction to recycling and service cancellation. $675.

Customer Experience: Journey Mapping – Online (LinkedIn Learning). Learn the tools need to plan a customer service program and create maps that reflect customer touchpoints. Available through the LinkedIn Learning membership ($34.99 / month).



SNSP – SonicWall Network Security Professional – Online (Global Knowledge). Nov 21-22. Enable advanced functionality related to secure and remote connectivity, network optimization and threat prevention. $2,600.

CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst CySA+ Certification Training – Toronto, ON (Learning Tree). Dec 9-13. Hands-on, scenario-based training to prepare you for advanced persistent threats (APTs). $3,810.

Digital Forensics Training – Online (Learning Tree). Jan 27-31, 2020. Learn the essential duties of a Forensic Examiner and cover the tools and techniques needed to prepare for and execute digital forensic investigations. $3,710.

Cyber Security Analyst Diploma Program – Ottawa, ON (Willis College). Acquire the skills that are applicable and transferable to a variety of the security job roles within an operations environment. DND/CFA approved.



Big Data on AWS Training – Online (Learning Tree). Nov 25-27. Cloud-based big data solutions using AWS and best practices to design big data environments for security and cost-effectiveness. $2,400.

Certificate in Big Data Analytics – Toronto, ON (York University). Spring 2020. Learn data analytics foundations, basic and advanced methods and relevant big data analytics toolsets. $2,925.

Hadoop Architecture & Administration Training for Big Data Solutions – Ottawa, ON (Learning Tree). Apr 14-17, 2020. Learn to install and manage the Apache Hadoop platform and its ecosystem. $3,285.

Masters Certificate in Analytics for Leaders – Toronto, ON (Schulich School of Business). For leaders looking to implement a data analytics program from scratch. $10,850.



Power BI Fundamentals for End Users – Toronto, ON. Nov 14-15 / Ottawa, ON. Nov 28-29. Gain a fundamental understanding of the capabilities of Power BI and how to quickly gather, clean and transform data. $790.

IBM Cognos Data Manager: Build Data Mart with Enterprise Data (V10.2) – Online (Learn Quest). Dec 2-6. Teaching participants how to move, merge and transform data to build and maintain subject-area data marts. $4,300.

IBM Cognos Framework Manager: Design Metadata Models (V11.1) – Online (Learn Quest). Dec 16-19. Metadata modeling concepts and how to model for predictable reporting and analysis using IBM Cognos Framework Manager. $3,440.

Analyzing Data with Power BI Training – Toronto, ON. Jan 22-24. Learn Power BI desktop data transformation, modelling, visualization and implement the Power BI service. $2,745.

Learn with edX – Online (Microsoft). 4-week course to learn to connect and visualize data with BI.



Microsoft Project Training – Toronto, ON (PM Vision). Efficiently track project teams, schedules, tasks and accurately report progression to date. $600.

IT Project Management – Ottawa, ON (Global Knowledge). Nov 18-20. / Toronto, ON. Nov 25-27. Fundamental aspects of project management methodology and its applications to IT initiatives. $2,295.

Using SharePoint for Project Management – Online (Global Knowledge). Learn how to use new, powerful features of SharePoint to manage your projects, documents, meetings, communications, and scheduling. $2,696.

IT Project Management Certificate – Toronto, ON (George Brown College). Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful IT project manager, including the theories, frameworks and industry practices used to design, realize and control IT projects.