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Jul 13 – Aug 23. Cyber Security Third Party Risk, Compliance, and Emerging Risks (Online, University of Toronto). In this course, you’ll learn to identify and manage threats to your cyber security. You’ll explore what your organization – and third parties, such as vendors – must do to comply with regulations, privacy law and stakeholder expectations. $599.

Sept 2020 – Feb 2021. Certificate in Cyber Security Fundamentals (Online, York University). This program will deepen your understanding of cyber security topics, strengthen your skills as an IT manager or project lead and prepare you to earn a CISSP designation. $2,985.

Sept 22-25. Cyber Futures (Online, University of Ottawa). Learn effective leadership, management and operations in a future dominated by cyberspace. We will examine the future geopolitical, business, scientific and technological dimensions of cyberspace. $995.

Nov 20 – Sept 3. Cybersecurity: Risk, Trends and Solutions (Online, University of Calgary). For those individuals in a managerial role and those who want to gain an overview of cyber security and broaden their knowledge, this course is designed for non-technical individuals and does not teach you how to be an IT professional. $479.

IT Security: Hacking and Networks Security (Online). Get to know the ins and outs of cyber security and industry best practices to configure and secure IT networks. $17.


Jul 20-21. Certified Scrum Master Workshop (Online). Learn, understand and execute on the three overarching principles behind Scrum – iterative development, self-management, and visibility – and earn your Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification. $1,395.

Jul 20-22. DevOps Implementation Boot Camp (Online). This three-day DevOps training class is loaded with practical real-world tools and techniques to help you implement DevOps within your organization. $2,696.

Sept 2020. Mobile Compatible Web Programming (Online, University of Toronto). Learn how to structure and organize different mobile platforms and build effective websites that are compatible with predominant mobile devices. In this course, you’ll learn why HTML5, CSS and Javascript are increasingly popular choices for web development. $795.

Data Access in C# and .NET Core (Online, on-demand). This course demonstrates the use of Microsoft data access technologies using C# and .Net Core to learn everything they need to know to develop a data layer for their applications. Free.

Bootstrap 4 Bootcamp (Online, on-demand). Learn to build beautiful responsive websites with the latest Bootstrap version (4.1.3), Flexbox, HTML5, and CSS3. $155.


July 20-24. Azure Solution Architect Boot Camp (Online). In an intensive and immersive hands-on learning environment, you will build the skills needed for Azure Architect-Technologies contains courseware that helps prepare students for Exams AZ-300 and AZ-301. $3,995.

Sept 2020. Cloud Systems in Practice (Online, University of Toronto). The course uses a case studies to explore best practices in critical areas: aligning cloud with business needs, planning for the cloud, adopting and integrating diverse delivery platforms and applications with process requirements, and addressing regulatory, governance and security issues. $769.

Sept 14 – Dec 18. Digital Forensics Investigation (Online, Ryerson University). Learn how to identify vulnerable system resources; devise security controls, policies, and procedures within the context of a security architecture and design; select and deploy appropriate hardware/software controls and countermeasures to reduce exposure; and implement a cohesive security environment, which includes monitoring, feedback, and metrics. $948.

Sept 2020 – Mar 2021. Certificate in Cloud Computing Strategy (Online, York University). Created in collaboration with industry leaders, the 3 course Certificate in Cloud Computing Strategy gives you a solid foundation in both the business and technical sides of a cloud computing adoption. $3,297.

Networking in Google Cloud: Hybrid Connectivity and Network Management (Online). This course explores Google Cloud networking technologies, such as the interconnection among networks, common network design patterns and the automated deployment of networks using Deployment Manager or Terraform.


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