Changing Careers? How to Present Your Experience

“I’m changing careers, and I’m not sure how to present my experience.”

This is something we hear often from our candidates looking to make a career leap. While this time may be challenging, take a step back and think about how you can translate your past experience into your future role.

When changing careers, it’s up to you to demonstrate how your skills are transferable from your last career to your new one. Many skills such as problem solving, writing and delivering presentations, negotiating and financial management are directly transferable from one field to another. Highlight all that you’ve learned in the past – you’d be surprised at how many skills carry over from job to job.

Secondly, be realistic. You may have to take a step back financially if you’re starting out on a new career. Your past experience may not dictate what you can earn in this new field. Look up average salaries in your new field and expect to to have to re-build a little.