Answering Tough Interview Questions

Even if you have prepared extremely well for an interview, you may get stumped by a question you didn’t expect or just don’t really know much about.  Keep your cool, this happens to everyone.

Take your time and do your best to answer parts of the question if you have something to build on.  If you have experience that is related to the question, answer with that … even if it’s not precisely what the interviewer asked. For example you could say “I haven’t done that part of the role, but I have done x and y that is related.  I’m actually very interested in this position because I can grow within that area.

And if you have no clue how to answer, then say “I don’t have experience in that area, but I’m keenly interested in learning. I will invest of my own time to learn and hone my skills in that area.

OR as a last resort “I’m not familiar with that concept, can you explain further?”  Redirect the interviewer to provide you with more information and try to build on that in your next reply.

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